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Since its inception, The Pan-Arabia Enquirer has been a regular bedfellow with ‘real’ news outlets, although not always for the right reasons. While we have no statistics, it’s probably fair to say at least a few journalists and sub-editors have had their wrists slapped for failing to spot that we’re not telling the truth before they hastily copied a story of ours – sometimes word-for-word – into their esteemed publication.

Here’s a round up of articles written about the Enquirer (sadly the ones using us as a source were hurriedly deleted after coming under heavy fire on social media).

Amal Alamuddin, die Clooney verzaubernde Drusin – Die Welt, May 4 2014

Video: Lebanon hails Clooney’s engagement with Beirut-born fiancé – France 24, May 2 2014

AFP, May 2 2014


Absurdities and the Arab Spring in satire – Daily Star, April 9 2014

These are the world’s finest (fake) news sources – GlobalPost, March 24 2014

Qatar bans Saudis from Harrods? No… – Haaretz, March 10 2014

Saudis banned from Harrods? Pakistani paper falls for it – Al-Arabiya, March 10 2014

Pan-Arabia Enquirer Aims to Make Middle East Safe for Online Satire – Wall Street Journal, February 19 2014

Seven-star satire? Only in Dubai – CNN, November 18 2013

The Pan-Arabia Enquirer: home of Middle Eastern political satire – The Guardian, 12 August 2013

Interviewing the Editor of the Middle Eastern Version of The Onion – Vice, August 9 2013

Noticias verdaderamente falsas – El Pais, July 24 2013

Emirates serving in-flight shisha turns out to be a spoof – Al-Arabiya, June 7 2013

The Pan-Arabia Enquirer – Dazed & Confused, May 7 2012

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