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Al Jazeera America accused of pro-Muslim Brotherhood bias

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Al Jazeera America accused of pro-Muslim Brotherhood bias

Charges levied against new station less than two minutes after launch

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NEW YORK: Less than two minutes after launching last night across the US, Al Jazeera America was already being accused of bias coverage of the ongoing situation in Egypt.

“Sure, they might not have yet reported on the revolution on the new American station, but it’ll inevitably happen soon and when it does they’ll no doubt describe the removal of Morsi as a ‘coup’ due to their unwavering support of the Muslim Brotherhood,” said Seattle-based activist Faisal Al Guerrero just 90 seconds after the channel began airing.

“We’re in the process of launching a campaign to have it blocked and are calling for all Al Jazeera America journalists to resign in protest,” he added.

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