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Bahrain designer unveils Kony 2012 inspired range

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Bahrain designer unveils Kony 2012 inspired range

Mae Dadza-Banka’s new collection features Kony 2012 logo written in Swarovski crystals

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MANAMA: As the Kony 2012 internet phenomenon gathers pace across the world, one fashion blogger turned designer in Bahrain is doing her own bit for the noble cause.

Mae Dadza-Banka, the 27-year-old socialite behind the popular blog and the new VacUouS label, has unveiled her new range of clothing and accessories inspired by the Kony 2012 campaign, which she has been working on tirelessly for the past three days.

“I’ve been pouring all my creative energies into this new collection, which really is a true expression of me and my feelings,” Dadza-Banka told The Pan-Arabia Enquirer.

The exclusive range, which will retail for between $220 and $2,400 when it hits the shelves tomorrow, features a series of brightly coloured t-shirts with the Kony 2012 logo written on in Swarovski crystals, a selection of snug scarves, also with the Kony 2012 logo sketched on in Swarovski crystals, and a snakeskin clutch bag, with the Kony 2012 logo carefully drawn on in Swarovski crystals.

“I basically saw the video, which was, like, totally amazing, last week and thought that it would be great if I could do something. And it would be great if those 50 million people who watched it could then see all the fashion stuff I’ve been doing.”

And anyone buying from Dadza-Banka’s new range will be helping the campaign.

“It’s all for a good cause as five per cent of profits will be going directly to Kony 2012. With your help we can help find a new kidney for James Kony.”

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