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Fashion blogger literally can’t believe how many clothes she, like, totes adorbs

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Fashion blogger literally can’t believe how many clothes she, like, totes adorbs

Says love of latest gorge fashions makes it difficult to offer informed critique

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Citing an unexpectedly close synergy between the recent output of the luxury clothing industry and her own personal tastes, Dubai-based fashion blogger Wiffy Squark of has admitted she has been amazed at how many clothes and accessories she has been able to endorse online.

“Honestly, I never expected this at all when I first set up arabiastylequeen last year, but it just seems that everything I’ve seen since, be it a new to-die-for bag, pair of cute heels or gorge summer dress, has been totes adorbs!,” squealed the 25-year-old publisher.

Despite arabiastylequeen’s description as a ‘cutting edge blog for the discerning fashionista’, Squark admitted that – such has been the quality of the new fashion lines she has been sent information about in various press releases or seen on other fashion blogs – she has had difficulty finding any criticism at all.

“When everything is just so sick or fabulous, it’s becomes incredibly problematic trying to offer any informed critique beyond ‘I sooo love this’ or this is ‘totes amazeballs’,” she said, adding that she would probably be able to provide a more balanced and considered opinion should fashion brands send her samples to try out and keep for herself.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Serene

    July 4, 2013 at 8:48 am

    I’m shocked that hasn’t been taken! LOL

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