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Malls for sale at Dubai Shopping Festival

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Malls for sale at Dubai Shopping Festival

Organisers are hoping they can tempt international shoppers with outstanding offers on a whole range of vacant retail spaces

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DUBAI: In a bold move aimed to reignite the Dubai economy, the last few days of the 2011 Shopping Festival won’t simply take place in malls – they will actually include them. Citing the growing number of vacant lots, unfinished leisure complexes and untaken store fronts, organisers are hoping they can tempt international shoppers with outstanding bargains on a whole range of retail spaces.

“Jewellery, clothes and electronic items are fine for the lower tier of consumer,” says Nikki Aspiranti, marketing manager for the world famous Expo, “but in 2011, the more discerning customer, those with a net worth that I would consider ‘attractive’, are looking at a new type of consumption.” Aspiranti highlighted the benefits of individual ownership of malls. “Just think, you’d never have to worry about finding a parking space again, or even having to queue up at Burger King,” she said, adding that mall owners would be able to enjoy the sales without the usual crowds.

“We really hope that people will come to Dubai and experience the wonderful array of items on offer. And if anyone fancies getting our partners out of over-leveraged floor space, I’m sure we can thrash something out.”

According to Aspiranti, the mall sale was a world first. “Nowhere else in the world is selling actual shops in a shopping festival,” she said. “And considering the interest we’ve had from China and Russia, we’re pretty sure we can spin this into the must-have item for 2011. I mean… you can’t entertain an entire society in a dress, can you?”

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