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UK to send Tony Blair to Iraq to further explain why current crisis not his fault

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UK to send Tony Blair to Iraq to further explain why current crisis not his fault

Former leader to speak to families in Mosel, Kirkuk and Fallujah

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LONDON: Britain’s foreign secretary William Hague this morning ruled out any UK military intervention in Iraq, but said he would be sending former Prime Minister Tony Blair to the country to “further attempt to explain why the current crisis was not a result of the 2003 UK-US invasion”.

“My right honourable friend is to travel to towns including Mosel, Fallujah and Kirkuk with the explicit purpose of speaking to families now under the oppressive military rule of al Qaeda splinter group ISIS,” said Hague.

“We’re hoping Tony can continue his ongoing efforts to discuss how his decision didn’t lead to the growth of Sunni jihadist groups, but this time from the real heart of the action and to the people that matter.”

Blair couldn’t be reached for comment, but representatives of both ISIS and Iraqi family groups have said they would “welcome” an audience with the politician.

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  1. Bo Selecta! Choose your religion, yo!

    June 17, 2014 at 4:33 am

    Tony is not available.
    I am currently coaching him in his choice for his next religious conversion. He’s had a very public crack at Catholicism, and is now considering a few years as a Budhist, before settling into full retirement as a Druid in Somerset.
    He has considered a spell of Judaism, but is not keen on the knife.

  2. Boris

    June 17, 2014 at 6:48 am

    I’m sure many people would be delighted if Cherie accompanied him. As Virgil said “Cur ante tubam tremor occupat artus?”

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