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Unimaginative Egyptian activists planning mass rally in Cairo

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Unimaginative Egyptian activists planning mass rally in Cairo

Unoriginal group also hoping to promote event via Facebook and Twitter

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CAIRO: Following a 12-hour brainstorming session in the Egyptian capital, a group of deeply unimaginative political activists emerged from their headquarters yesterday with the announcement that they were planning “some sort of big rally” in order to call for change.

“Just imagine all those people shouting and waving banners in one spot! We’re really expecting to make headlines around the world,” said group leader Mohammed Ramzi, adding that one of their members had sprung upon the idea to use Facebook and Twitter to generate interest. “We think it’s about time social media stepped out of the shadows and became a tool for protest.”

According to sources, the exceptionally unoriginal group are now locked in intense discussions as to where to hold the rally, with the most popular choice currently being “in and around Tahrir Square”.

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