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Property developer admits new Dubai mega project actually SimCity screenshot

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Property developer admits new Dubai mega project actually SimCity screenshot

Dubai Metro City had been among the new developments at CityScape property show

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Property-developer-admits-new-Dubai-mega-project-actually-SimCity-imageDUBAI, UAE: An exhibitor at this year’s CityScape property event has been forced to concede that images of a vast mega project were in fact taken from the popular computer game SimCity.

Dubai Metro City, by local developer Visionary Property, had been billed as “a futuristic urban hub combining business, retail, residential and visitor attractions and facilities”. Spread over 20 million square feet, the “unique, eco-aware and designer city” was predicted to house over 40,000 residents by the time it was complete in 2017, with added space for more than 20 5-star hotels.

But following a complaint made by a unnamed industry professional, the company chairman Abdul Al Turk released a statement earlier today in which he admitted that rather than having worked “with the world’s most renowned architects”, as had previously been announced, all the images purporting to artist’s impressions of Dubai Metro City had actually been captured from a long-running game of SimCity.

“But we’re still determined to make this iconic project a reality should anyone be interested in investing,” he added.

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  1. Cate

    September 23, 2014 at 10:27 am

    I love you guys but for once you are nowhere near as entertaining as the real thing for even your genius comedy is no match for the hysterically funny, hugely ridiculous, totally obscene projects being released at Cityscape supposedly in all seriousness. (Assuming they are being serious? It’s hard to merit.) Post 2008 crash, it defies belief that they can still come up with yet more of these totally insane developments on such monstrous scales that we all know here an now will never get built. How do these companies have the nerve? Don’t they realise how stupid they look? Do they collectively suffer from loss of medium-term memory? The only people benefiting from all these “new mega projects” being announced this week are the model makers (who must be making a killing again after a few lean years) and that small sector of the community like me who regard these schemes as one b****y great joke.

  2. Chris de Burj

    September 23, 2014 at 11:34 am

    20 Five Star hotels… pah, I demand a single 100 Star Hotel.

    Come on Dubai developers, you know you want to.

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